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ABMS Lawyers is a boutique law firm in Perth specialising in all aspects of Family law. We provide legal advice and Court representation on Separation and Divorce, Parenting issues, Property matters, Binding Financial Agreements, and general family law matters. ABMS Perth Family Lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the best practical advice so you can move on with your life as soon as possible.
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Commercial Law Advice & Litigation - Your Best Options
At ABMS Lawyers, we provide Commercial law services from preparing and Reviewing Contracts, Leases, Terms and Conditions, service agreements and other Legal documents. From a director’s Deeds of Indemnity, Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality documents to debt collection, you can trust ABMS Lawyers to represent you in Court and handle your job with efficiency. ABMS Lawyers will assist you in enforcing or defending your rights in State and Federal Courts to ensure your rights are protected, and your assets are preserved.
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ABMS Lawyers Perth:
Get Expert Legal Advice Today & Enjoy Peace of Mind

ABMS Lawyers are the Perth Family and Commercial Lawyers to call first.

Are you or a loved one facing a legal issue? Such as:

  1. Separation or Divorce;
  2. Wills and Probate Matters;
  3.  Commercial Agreements Need Reviewing;
  4. Business sale help;
  5. Someone is suing or threatening to sue you; or
  6. Do you need to sue for legal compensation?

Then we understand you want certainty moving forward.


Legal issues can be confusing and unsettling and with lots of unknowns. So we provide one-off legal advice or ongoing legal advice and services.  At ABMS, you don’t have to be confused as we provide certainty, clarity and a clear idea of what you should be concerned about and taking care of to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Knowing your rights and where your stand legally is the starting point and can save you much stress. So don’t wait until the situation escalates, as that could cost you and limit your options, or you could make poor choices legally that could complicate your situation further. So don’t wait for things to get worse before you get legal advice.


ABMS Lawyers in Perth assist West Australian residents and business owners to understand and simplify legal issues and litigation concerns.


We provide guidance to navigate and resolve the issues as quickly as possible and with the minimum cost possible. In addition, we strive to minimise conflict and fallouts from legal cases and ensure you litigate wisely.


With extensive experience in the industry, you will be in safe hands. We understand that life happens and legal issues are part of life, so we have empathy and respect for you and your situation. 


Our locally experienced Perth Lawyers, conveniently located just outside the Perth CBD to avoid parking and travel issues on Canning Highway in the Victoria Park / South Perth area, is supported by our experienced staff dedicated to achieving the best outcomes possible for you.


We provide you with practical advice about your rights and responsibilities, what actions you can take, and the options available.  


We welcome you to call us to discuss your legal issue and get clarity today. We can advise you on our costs and flexible payment options should you choose us as your Perth legal team.

Perth Commercial Lawyers

Practical & timely advice to resolve your legal issues at minimal costs from our business lawyers, including:

Perth Commercial Lawyers
Legal Contract Preparation
Contract Reviews
Property Disputes
Business Transfers
Business Disputes
Corporate Lawyer Services
Commercial Law Advice

Affordable Perth Separation & Divorce Lawyer

Flexible payment options to suit your situation.

Call for a no-obligation discussion with a local Perth family lawyer with over 10 years of experience. As a family lawyer in Perth, we can meet with you to discuss your situation.

We can assist with superannuation splitting where appropriate.

Your Perth Family Lawyers

We have decades of experience in handling children’s matters and asset splitting.

Family Law Advice
Family Court Representation
Divorce Lawyer Paperwork
BFAs - Binding Financial Agreements

Family Lawyers for Perth & WA Families

From Perth to Albany, Bunbury to Broom, Sydney and beyond, ABMS Lawyers will represent you no matter where you are.

Divorce Lawyers for Defacto Separation
Children’s matters
Family Law and domestic violence

Our Services

Practice Areas

Child Support & Child Maintenance

Divorce or separation does not mean you and your child automatically go without the lifestyle you are used to. There are options available to ensure you and your child are well supported, financially and emotionally, going forward.

We can also prepare a Parenting Plan, Child Support agreements or Court Orders on your behalf to ensure you have certainty where appropriate.

Property Settlement & Asset Division

Are you thinking about separation? Have you separated, or are you getting divorced? Talk to us! We will provide timely advice so you know your rights and what steps to take next. We will guide you through the process of Divorce, splitting assets and debts with your spouse using Court Orders or Financial Agreements. We will prepare Court documents on your behalf to formalise the process so you have peace of mind to truly move on with your life.

Affordable Perth Divorce Lawyers

Being Separated or Divorced does not mean you and your spouse have to fight it out until you are emotionally and financially drained. Separation or Divorce does not mean war, and it doesn’t need to get nasty. You can go through an amicable Separation or Divorce without drawing lines in the sand or setting your feet in Court. Just talk to us about how to achieve this! We can also prepare a Divorce Application on your behalf when you are ready to move on.

Wills & Estates Lawyers Perth

Death is inevitable for us all. Make sure you take care of your loved ones by taking care of your affairs whilst you are alive. Otherwise, your loved ones will end up in Court spending money trying to get their entitlements from your estate. Make sure you have a will that can stand up in Court. A Will is a legal document; a quick fix won’t cut it as it can be challenged, causing your loved ones more pain. ABMS Lawyers will assist you in preparing your Will and your Enduring Power of Attorney. We can also review your existing will to ensure it reflects your current circumstances.

Commercial & Corporate Lawyers

Whether you are a small or big business, you have rights and responsibilities to your clients, suppliers, staff, the government, regulator or others. Our local Perth Business Lawyers at ABMS Lawyers will assist you in enforcing or defending those rights by providing you with timely advice. We will advise you on Contracts and other documents prepared by other Lawyers or organisations to ensure you understand your rights. We can also prepare Commercial Contracts and other agreements on your behalf that will stand up in Court to avoid disputes in future. As Commercial Lawyers Perth, we can assist you in enforcing your rights or defending claims against you or your business.

Spousal Support & Maintenance

A party to a marriage or relationship has a duty to maintain the other if that other party cannot adequately take care of themselves for various reasons. If you are considering separation and wondering how you will take of yourself or your children, there may be a way out for you. If the other party is asking for financial support from you after your separation, you need to talk to a Lawyer to access your claim or the other party’s claim to see if it has merit.

We are expert family lawyers conveniently located near Perth City in South Perth/Victoria Park area for easy access and to discuss your concerns.

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Parenting Plan

Sometimes, people can consider the option of the child spending equal time, or substantial and significant time, with each of them where appropriate in their

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Our Team

Perth Family Lawyers & Commercial Lawyers

At ABMS Lawyers, our local, experienced Perth Family Lawyers work as a team to ensure we achieve the best results on every case, and you can feel confident they have a local team behind you. Our Perth-based lawyers work out of our South Perth Office for all suburbs and towns throughout the state. We also accept instructions from clients interstate or overseas who have assets in Western Australia. We are a well-resourced boutique law firm that will provide you with excellent service at an affordable price.

If you are searching for an experienced lawyer near you in Perth to assist you with your legal issue for one-off or ongoing legal advice, then ABMS Lawyers are the team to call. With a comprehensive knowledge of many aspects of law, our professional team of lawyers will assist with your issues with the empathy and professionalism you deserve. You can contact our office in South Perth on (08) 9468 3297 or email us at office@abmslawyers.com.au

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Disclaimer: All information provided on this website is of a general nature and it is not intended to be taken or construed as legal advice. You should not rely on this information for legal purposes. In providing this information, there is no intention on behalf of ABMS Lawyers Pty Ltd to create or otherwise imply a client-practitioner relationship. You should seek legal advice to obtain appropriate advice for your specific case or personal situation.

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