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Breaches and Contraventions of Court Orders

Court orders must be followed. If not, a party can bring an application when one party is contravening court orders. A party alleging a contravention must bring an application for contravention together with an affidavit.

Not every contravention should attract an application, contravention Applications must be appropriate in the circumstances. Otherwise, enforcement applications can be brought in place of contravention applications depending what one aims to achieve at the end of the day. You would use an application for contravention if you want the orders to be followed and wish to seek punishment for non-compliance.

Punishment for Breaches and Contraventions of Court Orders

The punishments that can be given for not following the orders of the court include

  • The person is put on notice

  • Changes are made to the orders

  • The court ensures that the orders are followed

  • The person is fined

  • The person faces imprisonment

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