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ABMS LAWYERS - Offering Divorce & Separation, Child Custody & Property Advice In Western Australia

Whether you are already married, are entering into a new one, ending one or just sharing a house with your significant other, or have a serious boyfriend of girlfriend, you may not know there are legal issues to consider which may arise because of your relationship. These issues may range from sharing your property, spousal support, financial arrangements, parenting children and Estate matters when one of you passes on. At ABMS LAWYERS, we will assist you with every aspect of the legal issue you may be facing at every phase of your relationship, especially when such relationship is in transition.

No other area of law is as sensitive towards your emotional and financial needs and can affect you in the long run even after the legal issue is gone as Family Law is. ABMS LAWYERS can guide you through the bad and the good times to ensure your legal rights are enforced.

To schedule an initial reduced fee consultation at a cost of $250 for your Family Law matter, contact us on (08) 94742832, via email or make an online booking.