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Our Flexible Payment Options

This includes, hourly rates, fixed fees, pay as you go plans and pay at the end options. We are honest and upfront with the issue of costs. We endeavour to advise clients on what services we can offer to them and how much those services are likely to cost. If the client decides to engage us to provide those services, we may require them to provide us with funds up front in our trust account to meet our likely fees and disbursements or Court costs. Those funds remain the property of the client until we issue a bill to the client for our services (which will not exceed our estimate) and then we apply the funds in trust in payment of their bill. We also advise clients what we will charge them for and what they will not be paying for at the conference. This way, we can provide clients with as much certainty as we can without unpleasant surprises when they receive their bills.

Where it is not possible to us to fix our costs, we will be open and honest about the costs and disbursements we charge. We provide clients with a realistic estimate of what their matter is going to cost at the initial conference.

We also advise clients on how best to reduce their legal fees upfront by assisting us in preparing their matter. We can provide you with more information about how this works at the initial conference.

Affordable Legal Fees


We aim to give our clients a realistic estimate of costs involved in their legal matter. At the end of each month we will provide you with a detailed account of the work completed on your file and an estimate of the fees for the work ahead.

Hourly rates

We aim to be transparent with our fees and we will charge you an hourly rate whenever possible. We itemise our invoices, so you are aware of what you have been charged for and for how long.

Payment arrangements

We recognise, it may be difficult sometimes for clients to pay for their legal fees upfront. Therefore, we provide an option for them to pay funds into the trust account each week or month depending on their financial situation. Otherwise, we invoice them when the work is completed, and they can make payments towards their invoice.

We continue to assess your proceedings at different stages of the matter so that you can make informed decisions about your future and what is good for you.

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