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General Commercial Law Litigation and Disputes

Advocacy for Plaintiffs and Defendants in Civil Matters

In the event you need representation to resolve legal disputes through Mediation, Courts or arbitration, ABMS LAWYERS PERTH can help. Call us on (08) 9474 2832 or contact us via email to discuss your matter.

No one can completely insulate himself or herself from disputes, it is part of everyday living. Sometimes communication breaks down between two parties and disagreements occur which may not be resolved by those involved. When it comes time to bring your matter to litigation, we have an experienced team who can take you through the process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible without further draining valuable resources that could otherwise help to grow your business.

Representing businesses and individuals throughout WA, ABMS LAWYERS Perth can handle most types of civil litigation that you encounter in federal and state courts including:


Contract - breaches of contract & contractual disputes

In the event you find yourself involved in a dispute relating to a breach of a contract claim or if someone no longer wishes to abide by the terms of your agreement, our lawyers can help you and work towards a favourable resolution. We can also review any contracts before you sign them to avoid potential disputes from arising in the future.


Product liability

If you or a family member are injured by a defective product and need assistance in your recovery against the manufacturer of the product, our legal team can guide you through the process.


Consumer protection claims

If you need assistance with bringing or defending a claim pertaining to consumer law, our lawyers can assist you in representing your interests.


Litigation and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution

Litigation is not appropriate in every dispute. In some cases, our clients' interests may best be served by engaging in some form of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration or mediation.

We understand that a lawsuit is sometimes a client's only avenue for recourse, so we take the process very seriously. We also understand that a lawsuit changes dramatically from commencement to completion due to many factors some of which are beyond a client’s control.

We undertake a thorough evaluation of each matter to develop a course of action with our clients. Our goal is to reach an appropriate and cost-effective conclusion in each case.

To schedule an initial consultation for your Commercial Law matter, contact us on (08) 94742832, via email or make an online booking.