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Splitting / Division of Assets

ABMS LAWYERS have family lawyers who deal with division of property for separating or divorcing couples on a regular basis in and out of court in respect to property settlement and superannuation splitting. ABMS LAWYERS can give you reasonable and practical advice specific to your situation that will save you money in the long run. You are a unique individual and so is your DNA - and the advice you receive should be tailor made to suit your individual situation. We will simplify the process for you and inform you of your rights and obligations in a way that you can understand to ensure you make informed decisions about the situation you are in.

If you want to keep relationship with the other party, we will aim to achieve that for you especially where there are children of the relationship. ABMS Lawyers can help you with the formalisation of agreements where there is no dispute or in situations where things are hotly contested.

Form 11 Consent Orders

Reaching an agreement in relation to a property settlement can be complex and stressful, whether it is finalised through a financial agreement, a Form 11 Consent Orders or in a Court hearing. Consent orders are a written agreement that are formalised and approved by the Court and thus are legally binding. To file consent orders, you and your spouse do not need to be in court to battle it out. That is where ABMS LAWYERS comes in. We believe in resolving matters in an amicable way so couples can still get on with their lives without leaving a trail of emotional devastation and spillage around.


Consent Orders can deal with the following:

Transfer or sale of a property
Splitting of superannuation
Spousal maintenance
Splitting or division of assets
Splitting assets after separation
Splitting assets after divorce
Splitting assets after a de facto relationship
Assets owned prior marriage or de facto relationship

Consent orders are filed with the Family Court. The court must be satisfied that the orders are properly drafted and that the terms of the agreement are "just and equitable", before it will approve them.

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